As an organisation that has people at the centre of everything, HSE is a core value of CCED’s business. Strong and visible leadership is delivered through our commitment to building trust, adhering to Life Saving Rules, empowering our workforce to intervene without repercussion and showing zero tolerance to unsafe behaviours.

The company is working to continuously improve its HSE performance. We focus on parallel themes of cultural development and excellent systems. Developing our culture drives the behaviours we are looking for and we have done this, by introducing a number of initiatives such as a safety card system and a Safety Club. These initiatives have resulted in enhancing the reporting and learning culture with our workforce committed to taking care of each.

CCED actively engages with its contractors to ensure they understand our expectations, manage HSE in line with these expectations and ensure their employees embrace a safe working culture.

We hold, as a “value”, the principle that we can and will perform all our operations without hurting anyone. We will behave, at all times, in a manner consistent with this core value.

We will always behave in a way that builds trust amongst employees and contractors, that we put safety first and individuals clearly feel that the primary expectation from us is to perform all tasks safely.

We will always promote CCED’s Life Saving Rules and behave in a way that builds confidence in individuals that, when followed, the Rules will provide a safe working environment.

We will always behave in a way that ensures individuals’ feel empowered to stop operations, without repercussion, if they believe the job is unsafe, do not understand the job or are not clear on what they should be doing.

Zero Tolerance
We shall, at all times, show zero tolerance of unsafe behaviours and shall demonstrate a culture of intervention, stopping incorrect/unsafe behaviour and acknowledging positive behaviour. We believe this will deliver our goal of an environment where all employees and contractors share the “value” that all our operations can and will be delivered with-zero injuries”.

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