CCED has a core objective to contribute to building local and national talent. We believe it is our responsibility to invest within the communities we work in while generating business that can bring value to Oman.

Our In-Country Value


CCED continues to seek opportunities to create value chains in drilling and exploration and beyond in order to deliver sustained In-Country Value (ICV) for the communities we operate with and the Sultanate in general. In addition to using local goods and services, we are committed to developing the Omani workforce. Today, over 90% of our team are Omani professionals, including engineers and senior management. These two streams, human capital development and creating value chains, work together synergistically to pave the way for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs to succeed. This is a clear indicator of CCED’s investment strategy which is only expected to grow year-on-year.

CCED has instituted a number of initiatives that help build ICV

Omanisation through employment, education, training and development.

Hiring and supporting local community contractors.

Assisting in developing and promoting newly established Omani Companies and ensuring that knowledge and training is passed to those companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


CCED considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a tool for harnessing the potential of local communities, while focusing on initiatives directly benefitting its concession areas in the Wilayats of Mahout and Adam. With a purpose-built CSR strategy in place, we are committed to national development, acknowledging that community-based activities mean we achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental growth for Oman and its people

Community and Wellness

Contributed to the Job Security Fund, established by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, which aims to support the local workforce.

3D Printing Project-Makergear Ultra One (Khoula Hospital).

Fish Market in the Wilyat of (Mahout).

Print Oman’s Wild Reptile Atlas – Ministry of Environment.

Health Walkway in the Wilayat of Adam.

Maintenance of Four Falajes in the Wilayat of Adam.

Sponsoring Al Wafa Centre in the Wilayat of MahoutMinistry of Social Development.

Atta Ramadhan - Annually distributing food packages to families in need in the Wilayat of Adam, Muscat and Mahout.

Furniture for Wilayat of Mahout's Poor Families Houses.

Supporting Oman Cancer Association (Al Dakhlyia branch) in raising awareness on prevention and advancing national healthy.

Supported the Ministry of health's COVID-19 relief fund.

Exercises a proactive and intelligent approach to preserving natural resources, focusing on efficiency and innovation to minimize environmental impact.

Implemented a water re-injection project and a gas utilization project that uses a small-scale gas-to-power project to generate electricity for CCED camps, in order to maximize natural resources to the fullest.

Opened the CCED lab for on-site testing of COVID-19 to safeguard the health and safety of our team.

Business and People Development

Vocational Workshops (TFE) for students with special needs.

Outward Bound Oman Training Centre in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdhar.

Nominated CCED team members for the upcoming Eitmad Program – The National Leadership Program to Upskill and Empower the Potential Omanis for Middle and Senior Management Positions in the Private Sector.

Upskilled Omani Technicians to achieve IVQ Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Oil & Gas Operations.

Participated at the SQU Career & Training Fair 2020.