OGWA Brochure 2020

OGWA Brochure 2020
MD’s Message

CC Energy Development S.A.L. (CCED) is a dynamic, independent international Oil & Gas operator with a growth mind-set that thinks globally but acts locally. We are a diverse, ethical and responsible organisation that believes people are key to our success and we ensure we benefit the communities we work in. Our successful exploration strategy has organically grown our business with current production exceeding 45,000 bbl/day. CCED has growth as a core mind-set and we are developing our capability to increase our production significantly.


Committed to Excellence

CCED acquired Blocks 3 & 4 in Oman in 2007. Over the previous 40 years several oil companies had explored the blocks with little success, however CCED brought a refined geological perspective and explored different opportunities. Soon, the company discovered two separate reservoirs. CCED has made a substantial investment to transform exploration success into a value generating development in a remarkably short time, while continuing to explore and appraise additional opportunities within the Blocks.

We strive for excellence in everything we do and we are proud of the technical capabilities that have allowed us to grow quickly and organically into such a valuable contributor to the economy of Oman- Walter Simpson Managing Director.


Our Vision

A sustainable, long-term value generating business for CCED & Oman with:

  • A culture that has people as it’s most valuable asset, puts HSE at the forefront of decision making and drives opportunities to increase the value of the business
  • An organizational structure and business processes that ensure value is created from each barrel produced
  • A long-term value generating growth agenda and
  • A cost efficient operational model enabled by technology
Our Assets & Milestones

CCED’s operating footprint is in Blocks 3 & 4, one of the largest concession areas in the Sultanate of Oman.



CCED Assets in Oman

Onshore Blocks 3 & 4

    • CCED                                               Operator
    • Tethys Oil                                         Partner
    • Mitsui E&P Middle East B.V.       Partner


CCED Key Milestones in Oman (until 2020)

  • 2008: License Acquired
  • 2009: Exploration Well Drilled
  • 2010: Early Production Commenced
  • 2012: Commercial Declaration
  • 2016: Average Production of 40,000 bopd
  • 2017: Milestone of 50 million Barrels Produced
  • 2019: Record production of over 45,000 bopd
  • 2019: A new extensive phase of exploration work commenced
  • 2020: Milestone of 100 million Barrels Produced
    • Total of 349 wells drilled by end of 2020
    • 79% of the total commitment purchases from local suppliers
    • Opened a lab for on-site testing of Covid19 to ensure the health of our employees
    • Over USD 250 million investment planned annually (2020 – 2025)



Oil Production

Oman Blocks 3&4 (2012 – 2020)


  • Rig count in 2012:2  Rigs
  • Rig count in 2013:2  Rigs
  • Rig count in 2014:3  Rigs
  • Rig count in 2015:4  Rigs
  • Rig count in 2016:4  Rigs
  • Rig count in 2017:3  Rigs
  • Rig count in 2018:3  Rigs
  • Rig count in 2019:3  Rigs
  • Rig count in 2020:2  Rigs



    • 2013 CCED completed 1,336 km2 3D
      and 850 km 2D
    • 2014 CCED completed 1,641 km2 of 3D
    • 2015 CCED completed 1,277 km2 of 3D
    • 2017 CCED completed323 km2 of 3D
    • 2018 CCED completed 2,470 km2 of 3D
    • 2019 CCED completed 2,695 km2 of 3D
    • 2020 CCED completed 1,650 km2 of 3D

Building Capability

CCED believes its technical excellence is built on the ability and potential of its people. We are committed to developing Omani capability at all levels of the organisation. The total workforce is around 750 people and currently 83% of these are Omani.

CCED provides a challenging and stimulating work environment for young graduates with opportunities across various technical functions such as Petroleum Engineering, Geology, Project Engineering and Operation & Maintenance Engineering.

Well-developed people practices make working at CCED both enjoyable and rewarding, while providing aspiring Omani talent the platform to learn and grow in their careers.


Committed to grow the Omani Economy

CCED places strong emphasis on growing the local economy. We believes that it is our responsibility to invest in the communities we work with and develop business that can bring value to Oman.


Our In-Country Value (ICV) programme is based on three core pillars:

  • Omanisation through employment, education, training and development
  • Supporting local community contractors.
  • Assisting in developing and promoting newly established Omani Companies and ensuring that knowledge and training is passed to those companies.
  • We have been supporting the development of the Super LCCs and recently signed our first contract with AL Sawari.


Corporate Social Responsibility

CCED values its presence in Oman and is committed to being part of the community within which it operates. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program encompasses our employees, contractors, government, and local communities and supports projects in and around our operating areas in Oman.


CCED and its JV partners have supported the following activities in 2019:

Schooling & Education

  • For The Country. Positive Interaction (Ministry of Education).


Business & People Development

  • Vocational Workshops (TFE) for students with special needs.
  • Outward Bound Oman Training Centre in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdhar.

Community & Wellness

  • Print Oman’s Wild Reptile Atlas – Ministry of Environment.
  • 3D Printing Project-Makergear Ultra One (Khoula Hospital).
  • Health Walkway in the Wilayat of Adam.
  • Maintenance of Four Falajes in the Wilayat of Adam.
  • Fish Market in the Wilyat of (Mahout).
  • Sponsoring Al Wafa Centre in the Wilayat of Mahout- Ministry of Social Development
  • Atta Ramadhan 2019 – Distributing food packages to poor families in the wilayat of Adam, Muscat & Mahout.
  • Furniture for Wilayat of Mahout’s Poor Families Houses.



Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

As an organisation that has people at the centre of everything, HSE is a core value of CCED’s business. Strong and visible leadership is delivered through our commitment to building trust, adhering to Life Saving Rules, empowering our workforce to intervene and showing zero tolerance to unsafe behaviours.


CCED is in a continual HSE improvement path, we believe employees participation and consultation are the corner stone of HSE Improvement initiatives. CCED’s HSE Clubs, Intervention programs and Learning sessions are proven key HSE initiatives in enhancing CCED’s HSE Culture.

At CCED, we actively engage with our contractors to ensure they understand our Vision, manage HSE in line with CCED expectations and ensure their employees embrace a safe working culture.