CC Energy Development are paving a community-centric approach for the Sultanate’s energy sector, driving an internal corporate culture of sustainability, development and national contribution.


The Sultanate’s oil and gas industry has long been a cornerstone of economic progress, supporting the country’s growing energy needs and facilitating the pursuit of sustainable progress in the country .The main players often take center stage but behind the scenes, quietly building a legacy of giving back, lies CC Energy Development, an independent upstream oil and gas exploration and production company operating one of the largest concession areas in Oman. After producing their 100 millionth barrel in July 2020, the value-driven company is emerging as a serious player in the industry and one with both feet in the development pool.


Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

After beginning operations in the Sultanate in 2007, CCED have spent the thirteen years since making strides in both their own sustainable development and that of Oman’s. Propelled by a motto to ‘thing global, act local,’ the energy company set itself on a path of corporate responsibility to develop the communities within which they operate.

With almost two thirds of their initiatives directly benefitting their concession areas in the Wilayats of Mahout and Adam, CCED have taken guidance from their local communities in building their CSR strategy. In 2019, the company financially supported the establishment of Mahout Fish market, creating a shaded and hygienic venue for local fishermen and shoppers to conduct commerce. Similarly, CCED developed the local fruit and vegetable market in the Wilayat of Adam, which is under construction and will soon be further developing the market to support livestock trade. Both initiatives stemmed from communication with local groups that determined the needs for improving local lifestyles.

The company has also previously supported the maintenance of falaj systems in Adam necessary to support farmers and families in the area, and manage a water research project to identify areas of fresh water that can be utilized for the community.



Wellness for the Future

Well aware that the health and wellbeing of people are key factors in achieving progress, CCED have taken a holistic approach to their community development and spend significant energy on supporting and facilitating local and national wellbeing projects. They have previously financed 3D printing machines and distal radius plates to aid in major trauma treatment for Khoula hospital, and built a running track in Adam to encourage local fitness.

One of the company’s most notable sponsorships to date is a long-running partnership with the Oman Cancer Association (OCA) (Al Dakhilyia branch). Extending financial support to the association’s annual programme, the OCA sponsorship provides life-saving breast cancer awareness and prevention information to women across the Sultanate and is particularly beneficial in rural areas where CCED operate and where health awareness is low. The annual OCA programme also extends training and upskilling services to volunteer nurses in Oman and provides necessary medical equipment to patients. Having recognized both the exemplary efforts of the OCA and the pressing need to raise awareness about cancer and prevention, CCED’s support to the non-profit association is a long-term commitment to advancing national health.

Throughout the ongoing COIVD-19 pandemic the company have stepped-up their commitment to wellbeing, not only for their employees but also in support of the government’s efforts to fight Coronavirus. A generous donation to the Ministry of Health’s relief fund sits alongside sponsorship of a Convalescent Plasma study at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital that aims to determine the efficacy of convalescent plasma in the treatment of high-risk COVID-19 patients.

The prioritization of community wellbeing has served them well during the challenges of the pandemic, and CCED have reported tangible benefits from implementing flexible working conditions and thoughtful leadership in these unprecedented times. Managing Director, Walter Simpson, has recently made it clear that public health learnings will be implemented in to future operational planning while working-from-home facilities will be extended to employees beyond the pandemic should it better serve their lifestyles and mental wellbeing.

At a time when economic restraints are reducing profits and testing the most robust of companies, CCED is certainly proving their character and staying true to their corporate values. In line with its long history of supporting our local communities, CCED contributed over USD 300,000 to the Job Security Fund, established by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, which aims to support the local workforce.


Building Sustainable Environments

Strong supporters of the government’s In-Country Value (ICV) programme, CCED maintains a high Omanisation rating while consistently seeking to facilitate knowledge-sharing within the industry. The company also works directly with SMEs by providing guidance and assistance in bid preparation and strategic planning, helping them improve their competitive advantage.

Noting a responsibility to share the economic and social benefits of their operations, Simpson has previously reiterated the company’s commitment to national development, acknowledging that community-based activities are directly or indirectly channeled back to the company, further fueling the CSR strategy to offer more to the people of Oman.

Beyond economy-related endeavours, the energy company exercises a proactive and intelligent approach to preserving natural resources, focusing on efficiency and innovation to minimize environmental impact.

With a clear directive to maximize natural resources to their fullest, the company have implemented a water re-injection project and a gas utilization project that uses a small-scale gas-to-power project to generate electricity for their camps, electric submersible pumps of some wells, and other facilities. The initiative is delivering environmental rewards, as well as financial, through a reduced consumption of diesel for power generation. Going forward, there are plans in the pipeline to increase the use of gas for power generation and thereby further reduce the environmental footprint and support a sustainable operational environment.

Furthermore, and to capitalize on renewable energy, the company has implemented small scale solar energy systems at various locations to provide a sustainable and clean power source for far remote sites including Block Valve Stations, along the main pipeline routes, as well as on the new wellheads within the Samha and Ulfa fields.


Shaping the Future

As Oman’s energy needs continue to shift, the role of oil and gas companies are increasingly under the spotlight, necessitating a commitment that goes beyond pumping money into the economy. While CCED continues on its ambitious path, its focus on people, rather than profits alone, is proving to be well-placed.

In the face of a volatile and uncertain future, the very strategies that make for a good neighbour are increasingly becoming the same as those required to adapt and survive. While time will tell exactly how the industry adapts to wider global shifts, CCED have certainly set themselves apart from the pack and are well on their way to delivering sustainable benefits that will last for generations to come.