Our annual CSR investments are based almost entirely on the direct needs of local communities and government plans. Across the departments of education, health and community, we invest in projects that upskill local talent, raise awareness about social and environmental issues, and improve quality of life through public facilities and services.

Community & Wellness

  • Print Oman’s Wild Reptile Atlas - Ministry of Environment.
  • 3D Printing Project-Makergear Ultra One (Khoula Hospital).
  • Health Walkway in the Wilayat of Adam.
  • Maintenance of Four Falajes in the Wilayat of Adam.
  • Sponsoring Al Wafa Centre in the Wilayat of Mahout- Ministry of Social Development.
  • Fish Market in the Wilyat of (Mahout).
  • Atta Ramadhan 2019 – Distributing food packages to poor families in the wilayat of Adam, Muscat & Mahout.
  • Furniture for Wilayat of Mahout’s Poor Families Houses.

Business & People Development

  • Vocational Workshops (TFE) for students with special needs.
  • Outward Bound Oman Training Centre in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdhar.

Schooling & Education

  • For The Country. Positive Interaction (Ministry of Education).