Our Vision

A sustainable, long-term value generating business for CCED & Oman with:

  • A culture that has people as it’s most valuable asset, puts HSE at the forefront of decision making and drives opportunities to increase the value of the business
  • An organizational structure and business processes that ensure value is created from each barrel produced
  • A long-term value generating growth agenda and
  • A cost efficient operational model enabled by technology

The Business this Creates
  • No one gets injured, there are no spills and no Asset Integrity incidents
  • Everyone is driving safely with green IVMS scores
  • A workforce that is the most capable and best motivated in Oman
  • Demonstrable functional excellence with a culture of compliance
  • Clear accountabilities understood by all
  • A growing production profile with a pipeline of resources to maintain the growth.
  • All gas being utilized with minimal flaring
  • Multiple exploration prospects matured and tested in a systematic manner based on economic value
  • Successful discoveries evaluated effectively and developed in the most economically attractive fashion
  • Technology utilized effectively to reduce risk, increase efficiency and enable a manpower efficient operating model
  • A fully integrated plan
  • Finding, Developing and Operating Cost metrics at best in class levels
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