ESBAAR harnesses drone and ai technology in partnership with CCED

ESBAAR harnesses drone and ai technology in partnership with CCED

Muscat, xx October 2021 – ESBAAR, an Omani company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems solutions, has recently partnered with CC Energy Development Oman (CCED), an independent international oil and gas operator, to conduct drone inspections and collect accurate aerial data safely and quickly for key CCED assets in Blocks 3&4. Utilizing ESBAAR’s latest and innovative technologies, the acquired data will provide CCED with deeper insights to address operational and HSE challenges, resulting in cost-savings, greater efficiency, and more informed decision-making.


Part of the collaboration, the project included inspection of 98km pipeline for CCED and two telecom towers, in addition to a topographic survey, and aerial photography. It was managed and completed by an all-Omani ESBAAR and CCED teams from drone pilots, data analysts to management, while achieving its target of a zero- Incident rate.


“Since our launch, ESBAAR continues to build on its strengths of deploying innovative drone and AI technology solutions for our partners. The goal is to provide them with credible and clear aerial data for all general inspections of their operations and/or facilities across a multitude of industries, in a safer, more efficient manner, and no operational down time,” said Sami Al Adawi, Chief Executive Officer of ESBAAR. “We value our partnership with CCED and will continue to support their digital transformation efforts offering our solutions that improve operational reliability and ultimately, enable higher investment return”.


Walter Simpson, Managing Director of CCED, said, “CCED is a firm believer in accelerating digitalization, as well as the adoption and scaleup of disruptive and multipurpose robotic technologies that deliver safer, cost-effective, and efficient processes. In the oil and gas sector, AI is becoming a vital tool enabling us to optimize our production. Drones can also be deployed for pipeline integrity management, as they can quickly cover vast stretches of pipeline, which is ultimately helping us improve asset management and maintenance. ESBAAR has been able to provide us with valuable and rich information that solidifies our role as a pioneer of smart technologies in the oil and gas industry.”


With the conventional methods of inspecting hard-to-reach areas involve shutting down operations, building scaffolding or setting rope lines, and sending an inspector into hazardous areas with a camera, deployment of drone and AI technology is gaining momentum globally. The inspection capabilities are expanding into emergency response, aerial mapping, as well as project and environmental monitoring. According to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report, robotics and drones are expected to be the highest adopted technologies, with the highest growth in the oil and gas sector for the next 3–5 years.


ESBAAR harnesses its latest technology to help businesses save time, mobilize labor, and increase safety during inspections, in addition to providing highly accurate data for creating and implementing action plans for its partners. The company is currently looking into expanding and deploying its latest technologies across other sectors including logistics, construction, utilities, security and mining, to name but a few.